Advice Needed…

First of all, Thank you so much to you gorgeous, kind people who propped me up yesterday with your supportive words! I feel a zillion times better today about everything and happy to be on the sober path. I’m not working today so I don’t have to deal with The Witches of Drunkwick dripping sour […]

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Just. Shut. Up.

Well. Today has ranked pretty high on the shit-o-meter. Firstly, I had a text from a friend who obviously doesn’t know about my charity year thing, asking when we are next going out for a wine session. Then I had another text from a different friend who forgot about my sobriety year, asking me to […]

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It’s Friday! …Again.

I always find it interesting that on a Friday, the stats on this blog are low. Really low. It would seem that worrying about ones booze consumption is sooo unFriday… Now, I know I am only (almost) 11 weeks into sobriety, but I am not feeling even the slightest itch today that I would like […]

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Sleepiness in sobriety

It’s a beautiful day here today. I have the day off too – bonus! I’ve got all sorts of little jobs on my list and errands to run. But what do I actually want to do on this glorious, sunny day?…. I really just want to have a nice, long sleep. My mind seems to […]

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Sugar: Doing Alcohols Dirty Work.

I’ve been doing a bit of reading here and there over the past couple of weeks about dopamine. There’s a lot I don’t understand about it, however a clear pattern seems to be emerging: Mine is fucked. Dopamine is a neurohormone that’s involved in the controlling of the brains pleasure and reward centres. There’s nothing […]

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Don’t Be a Fool…

Now before I start this post, I just need to reassure everyone that I did not climb the building in Minnesota! You may have seen it on Sky News. A few people have asked if it was me. It wasn’t. It was a friend of mine called Bandit. He’s always a nightmare for climbing stuff […]

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Whatever Next?!

Just when I thought I had seen pretty much all of the boozy lifestyle merchandise on offer and the metaphorical teat of pro-boozing had been milked to it’s very last drop, I made a discovery this afternoon! Yep. Turns out that I can’t even go into a nearby pet shop without stumbling across some boozy […]

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