Don’t Be a Fool…

Now before I start this post, I just need to reassure everyone that I did not climb the building in Minnesota! You may have seen it on Sky News. A few people have asked if it was me. It wasn’t. It was a friend of mine called Bandit. He’s always a nightmare for climbing stuff […]

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Whatever Next?!

Just when I thought I had seen pretty much all of the boozy lifestyle merchandise on offer and the metaphorical teat of pro-boozing had been milked to it’s very last drop, I made a discovery this afternoon! Yep. Turns out that I can’t even go into a nearby pet shop without stumbling across some boozy […]

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Kids Parties

We have been invited to the Squirrels house next Saturday for their sons 7th Birthday. He is having a party and there is going to be a bouncy castle, obviously cake and probably booze! I used to feel a slight stab of resentment when I found party invitations in the kids book bags (told you […]

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Bothersome Boozers

I know I’ve already mentioned that brilliant programme called ’24 hours in Police Custody’ a few posts ago (it was a looonng post. If you made it to the end awake, I salute you), but since then, I have watched more episodes and it is just so interesting. One observation that quickly becomes commonplace is: […]

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What Lurks under the Smiley Exterior

(Warning: totally self-obsessed post alert!…Sorry, not sorry) One of the things that I really admired about Mr Raccoon when I met him was his natural ability to ‘Not Giveth a Shiteth’ about trying to continuously please other people all the time. He seems to have the perfect balance of politeness and assertiveness without being rude […]

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